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General Information

What is TEDxAthens?

TEDxAthens creates unique gatherings and events designed to catalyze and stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship, social change and inclusion. TEDxAthens is a proud member of TED’s independently organized TEDx events program, and the first ever TEDx event in Greece, established in May 2009. It amplifies great ideas worth sharing and implementing to the world. To date, it has curated more than 200 talks from world-renowned thinkers, doers and innovators. These talks have been viewed more than 7 million times online. It is, by acclamation, the most impactful and influential platform for ideas in Greece and the wider Balkans region.

More information about TEDxAthens, our vision, our Purpose etc can find at our website https://tedxathens.com/ 

What is the theme for this year’s TEDxAthens?

“In the luminous heart of Athens, where ancient myths meet cutting-edge innovation, TEDxAthens is set to embark on a momentous journey as it celebrates its 15th anniversary. With the theme “X Machina,” we invite you to delve into the intricate tapestry of humanity’s modern odyssey—a narrative woven with threads of technological marvels, human ingenuity, and ethical reckonings.

As the world hurtles towards an era of unprecedented technological advancement, the line between the natural and the artificial blurs. “X Machina” beckons us to explore this convergence, to ponder the profound implications, and to chart a course guided by wisdom and compassion.

At TEDxAthens 2024, visionaries, innovators, and thought leaders from around the globe will converge to illuminate the path forward.

Against the backdrop of ancient ruins and modern marvels and hosted for the first time at Athens & Epidaurus Festival Pireos 260, TEDxAthens 2024 will serve as a crucible for dialogue, exploration, and inspiration, embodying the spirit and timeless concept of “Deus ex Machina” in today’s complex world.

Welcome to TEDxAthens 2024: “X Machina”, where Humanity Meets its Digital Destiny”

Location and Venue

When and where is the Conference taking place?

TEDxAthens celebrates 15 years! This year’s Ψonference  is scheduled for October 5th,  2024,. The venue for the event is Athens & Epidaurus Festival Pireos 260 (Athens Festival Peiraios 260)

What are the amenities available at the venue?

The venue offers a range of amenities including free Wi-Fi, restrooms, an exciting food & beverage experience, comfortable seating areas, as well as lots of activities in different spots. Additionally, there will be designated networking zones and an information desk to assist attendees.

Is there a lost and found service?

Yes, we have a lost and found service at the information desk. If you lose or find an item, please refer to the info point desk.

Are meals provided at the event?

Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as unlimited refreshments and coffee are included in your ticket price. There will be a variety of food options to cater different dietary needs.

Tickets and Registration

How can I purchase tickets for the TEDxAthens Conference?

Tickets are available online through:

-The more.com ticketing page at TEDxAthens More.com.

In case you want an invoice for your ticket contact us via email tickets@tedxathens.com

What types of tickets are available for TEDxAthens?

We offer several types of tickets, including Early Bird, General Admission, Late Bird, Student, and Corporate tickets. Details about each ticket type, including pricing and availability, can be found on our ticketing page

How will I receive my ticket after purchasing?

After purchasing your ticket online, you will receive a confirmation email with your e-ticket attached. Please save your e-ticket on your phone wallet and present it at the venue check-in.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, tickets are transferable. If you need to transfer your ticket to another person, please contact us at tickets@tedxathens.com with the details of the new attendee.This service  is available up to 15 days before the event (September 20th, 2024).

Are there any discounts available for University students?

Yes, there are discounted tickets available for Greek University students, with a valid University ID (that will be checked at the registration point).

For more information on eligibility please, contact our Ticketing team at tickets@tedxathens.com.

What does the ticket price include?

According to the ticket category you purchase there are different perks.

Early Bird/ Late Bird/ General / Student Tickets :

Your TEDxAthens Ticket grants you access to the Main Stage, the Alternative Stage, and all parallel activities. It allows you to watch all talks and participate in all parallel activities and workshops, but it does not guarantee the availability of seats at all times, at your preferred stage.

The total number of tickets on sale corresponds to the capacity of both stages. Furthermore, your ticket grants you access to an all-day-long Food & Beverage experience, and the TEDxAthens Party, at the end of the Conference.

As always, seating in both stages as well as all parallel activities is based on “free seating” and on a “first-come, first-served basis” for everyone. Participants cannot reserve or withhold seats at any time during the Conference.

Participation in specific activities/workshops, which have a limited number of seats available, will require pre-registration. Prior to the Conference day, related updates and notifications for pre-registration will be sent either via email or social media posts, to all ticket holders at that time.

Keep in mind that if you delay your ticket purchase, you may not have the chance to book your seat in any of the available workshops.

Donor/Patron Tickets

Donor and Patron tickets are sponsored tickets.Although TEDxAthens is run and organized exclusively by a team of volunteers, still it remains a very expensive Conference, aiming to live up to its world-class standards. Production costs each year are covered by ticket sales, sponsorship, and donations. Help us get closer to where we want to stand today and in the future, by purchasing your TEDxAthens Donor /Patron Ticket.

On top of all the General Admission Ticket perks, TEDxAthens Donor/ Patron Ticket grants you further access to an exclusive set of products and services, prior to, during, and after the Conference. 

More detailed information about  these types of tickets will be announced soon at our TEDxAthens website.

What is the refund policy for tickets?

All tickets (regardless of type and price) are nominal. After the completion of your purchase money refund, cancellation, or change of ticket type is not possible. Transfer of tickets (changing the data of the person that will be attending the Conference) is doable and can be done after communicating with tickets@tedxathens.com  until September 20th, 2024.

In case of cancellation of the Conference due to force majeure, a refund will be issued by the organizer.

By purchasing the ticket and participating in the Conference, you unreservedly accept the terms and conditions as well as the TEDxAthens privacy policy which is detailed here.

Is there a deadline for purchasing tickets?

Tickets can be purchased until they sell out. We encourage early purchase to ensure availability, especially for Early Bird tickets, which have a limited quantity.

Can I purchase tickets at the venue on the day of the event?

Tickets are available for purchase ONLY online. You can purchase your tickets through more.com at the following link  https://www.more.com/conference/tedxathens-2024/ 

Do I need to bring a printed ticket to the event?

TEDxAthens is an eco-friendly organization and for this re  ason we suggest that you download your digital ticket on your mobile device. As long as the ticket includes the barcode for scanning, it will be accepted at the event check-in.

What should I do if I haven’t received my ticket confirmation email?

If you haven’t received your ticket confirmation email within a few hours of purchase, please check your spam or junk folder. 

If it’s not there, contact us at tickets@tedxathens.com for assistance.

Are there any age restrictions for attending TEDxAthens?

While TEDxAthens is an all-ages event, some content may be more suitable for mature audiences. We recommend that children under the age of 10 attend with a guardian. Please review the event details and speaker topics to ensure the content is appropriate for younger attendees.

What are the ticket prices for Kids and Teens?

● Up to 2 years old, free entrance.
● 3 to 9 years old, ticket price 15€.
● 10 to 14 years old, 25% discount on the regular ticket price.
● 15 to 17 years old, regular ticket price.
To book, please contact tickets@TEDxAthens.com

Can I upgrade my ticket after purchasing?

Ticket upgrades are not possible. All purchases are final and non-refundable!

Event Schedule and Speakers

What is the Conference’s program?

More information about the Conference program will be published gradually on the TEDxAthens website as we approach the date of the event . 

On the day of the event, attendees will receive a detailed program guide upon arrival with their badge.

Who are the speakers at this year’s event?

We have an exciting lineup of speakers from various fields, including technology, entertainment, design, and more. A full list of speakers and their bios will be published gradually on the TEDxAthens website  as we approach the date of the event .

Can I suggest a speaker or performer for future Conferences?

Yes, we welcome suggestions for future speakers and performers. Please submit your suggestions through the contact form on our website.

Attendance and Participation

What should I bring to the Conference?

Please bring a valid photo ID, and your digital ticket. 

Are there any COVID-19 safety measures in place?

Yes, the health and safety of our attendees are a top priority. We will adhere to all local health guidelines and implement measures.

Can I volunteer at TEDxAthens?

Yes, we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help make the event a success. For more information you can also visit our volunteer page on the website to learn more and apply.


Is the Conference accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, the venue is fully accessible to people with disabilities;

If you have any specific enquiries please contact us at tickets@tedxathens.com 

The venue has wheelchair-accessible entrances, seating, and restrooms.

For the independent movement of people with wheelchairs, the venue is equipped with a ramp with non-slip wood.

The cars of disabled persons can reach the site of the venue. The ushering service undertakes to assist in getting to the venue.

For people with disabilities, reserved seats are available. Each person is entitled to an attendant.

If you have specific accessibility needs, please contact us at tickets@tedxathens.com  so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Parking and Transportation

How can I get to the Conference by car? 

The venue of the Athens Festival at number 260 on Pireos Street is located in Tavros, in the same block with the School of Fine Arts, on the right going down towards Piraeus, well after the intersection of Chamosterna Street. The entrance to the site is from Polykratous Street.

Is there parking available at the venue?

To be announced soon 

Are there any parking discounts or validations available?

To be announced soon 

How can I get to the event by public transportation?

The venue is well-connected by public transportation. 

You can reach the venue by taking;

Metro Line 1

Stop “Kallithea” (Sivitanideios School)

Get off and walk parallel to the railway lines towards Piraeus until you reach Dimitsana Street. There you turn right, exit to Piraeus Street, cross it and walk a short distance to the right towards Athens until the entrance to Piraeus. www.isap.gr


Stop “Ifantiria” or “School of Fine Arts” (Line No. 049, 914) www.oasa.gr

Additional Information

Will the Conference be recorded or live-streamed?

Yes, the Conference will be recorded, and selected talks will be available on the TEDxAthens YouTube channel after the Conference. There will also be a live-streaming option for those who cannot attend in person.

How can I stay updated about the Conference?

Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates, speaker announcements, and more. Links to our social media channels can be found on the TEDxAthens website.

Who can I contact for more information?

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at tickets@tedxathens.com or visit the contact page on our website.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the event?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the venue. 

What should I wear to the Conference?

There is no strict dress code, but we recommend business casual attire. Comfortable clothing and shoes are advised as you may be moving around the venue and participating in networking activities.

Are there networking opportunities during the Conference?

Yes, TEDxAthens provides several networking opportunities during breaks and designated networking sessions as well as and in the end at the TEDxAthens Party. We encourage all attendees to engage with fellow TEDxSters.