Emine Dzhaparova

The war-torn history of Crimea—my home

Video Summary

Since 2014, Emine Dzhaparova has dedicated her career to liberation of Crimea that was illegally occupied by Russia. Emine’s perfomance is a story about HOME, the dearest place for every human being. By the examples of her family she tells how Crimean Tatar people through centuries have been fighting for their right to live in their homeland – Crimea. Emine Dzhaparova serves as the First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

She is responsible for policy planning, cooperation with international organizations, public diplomacy, and the Ukrainian Institute’s activities, representing Ukrainian culture to the world.

Ms Dzhaparova is also a Chairperson of the National Commission of Ukraine for UNESCO.

Prior to this, she was a journalist in Crimea and witnessed the occupation of the peninsula by Russian invaders in 2014.

After being forced to leave the peninsula, Ms Dzhaparova served as the First Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine and considerably contributed to strengthening Ukraine’s strategic communications both domestically and abroad.

In 2020, she joined the MFA as the First Deputy Minister with the idea to establish the Crimea Platform aimed at de-occupation of the Crimean Peninsula. Today, this unique diplomatic tool unites over 60 countries and international organizations worldwide.

In December 2021 Ms Dzhaparova was awarded the Order of Merit, Third Class in recognition of her outstanding contribution to strengthening the international cooperation of Ukraine, productive diplomatic work, and high professionalism.

Ms Dzhaparova was awarded the 2022 Mark Palmer Prize for her support of the Ukrainian people, especially Crimean Tatars, and her leadership in the fight against Russia’s aggression.

In March Ms Dzhaparova joined the 2023 European Young Leader Class (EYL40) led by Friends of Europe.

As a Crimean Tatar, she dedicated her life to the liberation of her Homeland and her compatriots. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


Year: 2023 Length: 21:33 Category: English