Lindsey McInerney

The Return to the Humanities in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Video Summary

As Artificial Intelligence begins to redefine the role of humans in the workforce, what skills will people need to partner well with machines? Technologist, Futurist, and English Major, Lindsey McInerney proposes that in a world increasingly shaped by AI, the skills acquired in the pursuit of the humanities will become the most highly sought after in the job market.
This thought-provoking talk celebrates humanities and inspires you to embrace your unique human potential. In a world where AI is rewriting the rules, Lindsey McInerney encourages us to be unapologetically human.
? Understand why humanities disciplines like philosophy, history, and literature, are the key to staying relevant in a rapidly changing job market and why speaker Lindsey McInerney believes that humanities degrees will make a comeback.
? Learn about the limitations of Artificial Intelligence, from its inability to understand emotions, to its ‘inside the box’ thinking and how AI is challenging traditional job roles, including those once deemed safe.
? Explore the synergy between AI and humanities and the importance of nurturing creativity, imagination, inspiration, and dreaming to stay ahead of the AI-dominated future.
? Discover how humanities skills are the secret to innovation and human progress, making them indispensable in the age of AI and unpack the potential of AI in unleashing human creativity and expression.
? Consider how natural language prompts are transforming the tech world, empowering people to bring their ideas to life, and why humanities skills are now a must-have on every job description.
Whether building hyper-growth startups or advising Fortune 500 companies, the Royal Family or the United Nations, Lindsey McInerney has spent her career helping people understand the impact of cutting edge technologies and adopt them early.

An internet nerd and tech futurist, Lindsey has launched multiple projects in the metaverse and web3 space and remains excited about the ways crypto, blockchain, NFTs, and extended reality (XR) will change our digital and physical landscape.

As Global Head of Technology and Innovation at AB InBev (Anheuser-Busch), the world’s largest brewer, she launched Stella Artois into the metaverse in an explosive partnership with ZED RUN, a crypto horse racing game.

One of the first major brand executions in the space, the Cannes Lion award- nominated campaign, put Stella Artois on the map as the first beer brand and FMCG company in the metaverse and was well received by traditional and crypto media alike.

McInerney was named to the 2023 ‘Thinkers50 Radar List’, a cohort of 30 thinkers whose ideas are predicted to make an important impact on management thinking. She has also been named one of ‘The 30 Most Influential People in the Metaverse’, one of ‘The Most Prominent Digital Futurists to Watch Out For in 2022’, one of the ‘Top Players of the Metaverse’ and an ‘Adweek Pride Star class of 2022’.

As Founder and CEO of Black Sun Labs, Lindsey works with executives, teams and personalities on their web3 and metaverse strategies. She is also the CEO of Sixth Wall, a technology and entertainment company co-founded with actor/producer Mila Kunis and producer Lisa Sterbakov. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


Year: 2023 Length: 13:27 Category: English