TEDxAthens 2024 is Coming to the Athens  Epidaurus Festival, Peiraios 260 - Discovering the "X Machina"

How is the past connected to the future? How does technology affect the way we operate and shape the future of humanity?

Athens, May 20, 2024 – For the first time, TEDxAthens is being hosted at the Athens Epidaurus Festival at Peiraios 260, with the central theme “X Machina.” On October 5, 2024, pioneers and creators from around the world will take the stage at the conference to share their experiences and knowledge, shedding light on the path to the future.

Marking 15 years of continuous presence, TEDxAthens has been a beacon of inspiration and a safe space for exchanging ideas in a rapidly evolving landscape. With the core belief that ideas have the power to change the world, it continues its journey with the vision of highlighting the thoughts and actions of significant individuals who can serve as a compass for the future.

This year, with the central theme “X Machina,” speakers and participants will explore who might be the “Deus Ex Machina” providing “solutions,” both disruptive and for issues yet to arise, in a world rapidly changing. The contemporary environment creates a modern Odyssey, a journey characterized by the shifting global balances, technological advancements, and ethical reflections. Thus, arises the need for an “invisible helper” who will play a crucial role in the flow of history.

Starting from the Athens Epidaurus Festival, Peiraios 260, visitors will travel between ancient myths and advanced technology, the physical and digital reality, the already known and the future-unknown.

Disruption, interaction, innovation, instinct, challenge. These are just a few words that describe TEDxAthens 2024. But what does X Machina mean to you?

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